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Video: Food And Nutrition 1

Introduce students to the concepts of healthy eating and a balanced diet. This program, based on the classic food guide pyramid, encourages healthy eating habits in young children. Learn about the main nutrients in food, how to choose healthy snacks, how to tell if food is high in fat, and how to find 'hidden' sugars in food.

Student Application

Discover how the Food Guide Pyramid and teach you how to eat nutritious food properly to help your body grow and stay healthy.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know what is meant by nutritious food and why it is important. Nutritious food is the food that helps the human body grow and stay healthy. Proper nutrition helps the body to build strong bones and teeth, build and repair muscle, and maintain good vision and healthy hair.
  2. Students will understand how to use the Foo...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Go shopping: Give each student a construction paper cutout of a grocery cart. Have students look through magazines to find healthy foods. Students glue appropriate cut outs into their "cart".
  2. Build the Food Guide Pyramid: Have students draw an empty version of the U.S.D.A. Food Guide Pyramid on a large piece of...

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Food And Nutrition 1
Food And Nutrition 1