Five Senses

Learning Object
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Resource: Five Senses

Graphic of five senses.

Student Application

Find out how the same lab tools students use in the classroom are used in a variety of careers from construction to chef to doctor.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know the names of and uses for different tools used in scientific inquiry.
  2. Students will understand that the same tools they use in the classroom are used by people at home and in their careers.
  3. Students will understand the importance of using scientific tools correctly.
  4. St...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Tools for life. Ask students to make a list of or draw the tools they learned about in the video. Encourage students to work together to think of other scientific tools that they have seen used in the classroom. Ask students to go home and find out what kinds of tools their parents use at home and on the job. Have students draw pictures or...

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