Community Rules And Laws

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Quiz: Community Rules And Laws

When his father can't make it to practice, Michael learns how important rules and laws are in our community today and long ago. Students will be drawn into this treatment of 'Community Rules and Laws' that takes us back to the Old West and explains the need for rules and laws and why they are important in our family, classroom, school, community, state and nation. The process of making laws and the purpose of government are introduced. Responsible citizenship, law enforcement and consequences of not obeying the law are brought home.

Student Application

Laws are the rules that we make for our community, our state and our country.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that laws are rules written for a community, a state, or a country.
  2. Students will understand the need for rules and laws.
  3. Students will learn that rules and laws are written to keep us safe.
  4. Students will learn how laws are made and enforced.

Supporting Activities

  1. Classroom Government. As a class, create a set of rules for the classroom. Have students suggest rules, vote on them, and discuss consequences for breaking rules. Assign students to role play in small groups. Have one student in each group pretend to be the classroom judge and have other members of the group present a student who has broken...

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