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Video: Columbus Day

With the discovery of an ancient diary, two children learn what drove Columbus to explore the unknown, who helped him in his journey, and what he found once he arrived in the New World. Guided by Columbus himself, the children see how the explorer went from working in his father's weaving shop to accidentally discovering the Americas. Through this tour of Columbus' life students will learn the importance of his journeys and why we honor him in October.

Student Application

Learn about Columbus Day and how it became an American holiday.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know about the life of Christopher Columbus.
    1. Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451.
    2. He did not want to be a weaver like his father but was interested in sailing instead. For years, he studied maps and charts, talked to sea captains, and went out on boats with f...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Use a sequence of maps and globes (if available) to discuss the significance of Columbus's views and discoveries. First, show a map of a flat earth. Explain that this is what people once thought the earth was like.

    Show why it was so difficult to travel across land from Europe all the way over to the East. Next, show a map or globe of a round...

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