The Four Kingdoms

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Clip: The Four Kingdoms

King Phillip introduces students to the four kingdoms in the Euraya Domain and describes what makes each kingdom unique

Student Application

A routine castle tour turns enchanting when King Philip shows up to teach a lesson on classification. Using examples from his castle, microscopic footage, and animation, King Philip helps us see and make sense of difficult concepts.
Mnemonics help students memorize the levels of classification from Domain to Species! The differences between the three Domains are explained memorably and graph...


Learning Objectives

  1. Students will understand that scientists use classifications to group living things.
  2. Students will learn and understand that the classification system divides living things into groups by their similarities and differences.
  3. Students will identify and understand that the classification system starts with the largest gr...

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Supporting Activities

  1. The teacher can group the students and provide each group with an envelope of various pictures of living things. In the envelope, there should also be labels for each of the five kingdoms. The students should work cooperatively to sort the various pictures into the appropriate kingdoms. The backs of the pictures can allow for self-checking or ano...

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