Beginning Social Studies Vocabulary

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Video: Beginning Social Studies Vocabulary

Over the fence, under the tree, around the corner, and through to me! Fun rhymes combined with real world examples and animations help students learn important vocabulary that indicates place. Includes over, under, around, corner, through, close, away from, next to, far, nearest, farthest, always, never, first, second, skip, third, last, above, below, right, left, side, center, beginning, end, inside, and outside.

Student Application

Learn the words we use to describe the world around us.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know the words that describe an objects position.
    1. Lesson 1: Over, Under, Around, and Through
    2. Lesson 2: Close, Away From, Next To, and Far
    3. Lesson 3: Nearest, Farthest, Top, and Row
    4. Lesson 4:...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Before viewing the video

    1. Anticipatory Set: Ask the students to do the following with one hand: put your hand under your nose, put your hand above your nose, put your hand far away from your nose, put your hand close to your nose. Then say, We are going to watch a video that shows us how to...

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Over, Under, Around, Corner, And Through
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Beginning Social Studies Vocabulary
Beginning Social Studies Vocabulary
Beginning Social Studies Vocabulary