Helping Dad

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Clip: Helping Dad

While helping his dad, Trevor learns about: always,never,order,widest,wider,middle,

Student Application

Take a look and listen to words we use all the time to describe amounts of things and amounts of time.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will know the following quantitative words and phrases and how to use them to describe quantities of objects and amounts of time.
    1. These words and phrases describe a general amount of objects and a general amount of time:
      i) Zero means none (there were no pennies in the jar).
      Before viewing the video

      1. Anticipatory Set: Have children hold up both hands with fingers spread out. Say the following: "How many fingers do you have on each hand? Show no fingers. You have zero fingers showing now. Show me a few fingers. Show me many fingers. Show me three fingers on one ha...

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