Activity 3: The Long I Vowel Sound

Learning Object — Clip
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Clip: Activity 3: The Long I Vowel Sound

While baking for their Mom, Iggy teaches Ziggy about the long I vowel sound

Learning Objectives

After viewing this video and participating in the suggested activities, viewers should be able to do the following:

  1. Recognize long and short diacritical marks.
  2. Pronounce the long i sound.
  3. Pronounce the short i sound.
  4. Read three-letter words with the short i ...

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Supporting Activities

  1. Introduce the Program
    Ask the class what chores they are responsible for at home. Clean up their room? Make their bed? Take out the trash or recycling bin? Do they enjoy doing these chores? Why do they feel it is important for children to help around the house? Now ask if anyone has ever helped his or her mother or father at work. Tell t...

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