Time Zone-Europe

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Time Zone-Europe

Media: How Location Affects Life

This simple map tool gives your students a strong visual of time zone changes in Europe. They also have opportunity to visualize the location of the Prime Meridian and cement that understanding with with self correcting practice!

In this activity, the students are calculating the time differences in the time zones of Europe and part of Asia using the prime meridian as a fixed point. The students have pictures of analog clocks with different times on them that students need to click and drag to the appropriate time zone on a map. If students are incorrect with an answer(s), the interactive provides an opportunity for them to see the correct answer and to compare their own answer with the correct answer.

This activity can be used as a whole class, in groups, pairs or individually. Having students first find the prime meridian and talking about how it affects time zones provides a nice review and introduction to the activity. Having students read the times on the analog clocks before placement ensures that the correct times are used for placement (and provides the teacher the opportunity for a quick formative assessment of time to the hour on an analog clock). At this point, the students can take turns choosing a clock and placing it in the appropriate place on the map. The students should explain their choice (i.e. This time is 2 hours after the time on the clock at the prime meridian so I need to move this over two time zones). This provides the opportunity for reinforcement of the concepts presented.

Students can continue the time zone calculations across the Atlantic and through the US. For students who are struggling, consider printing out a map and having them number the areas by 1 greater and then cut out the clocks and match the times this way. Then they can return to the interactive and complete it again.

Math: Have the students create word problems based on the time zones for each other to solve. Display the solved, correct, interactive for the students to use as a model for their own word problems.