Fruit Fact or Fiction


Object Type: Interactive

Fruit Fact or Fiction

Media: Nutrition

Open your students eyes to the world beyond apples and oranges. Extend this activity to geography and climate with a discussion about where each of these incredible fruits are found.

In this game, the students are presented with a statement about 10 fruits from around the world. The students must decide if the statement provided is true (fact) or not true (fiction). The students make their choice and are then provided with about a paragraphs worth of information about the fruit. All information is provided orally and in print (for the students to follow along). A picture of the fruit being discussed is also provided. By pressing the music notes, the background music can be turned off or on. The activity keeps track of how many right and wrong answers students choose.

This activity can be played as a whole class, in pairs or individually.

  • Whole Class: Students can take turns or vote for each statement to determine if the statement is fact or fiction before listening to the information provided on the fruit.
  • The teacher could bring in some of the fruits for people to try. Students can try fruits that they have not tried before (of course be sure to check for food allergies).

    Social Studies: Students can research the countries or areas that are described where the fruit grows and prepare a poster that includes some additional information about the area such as the climate, people that live there.