Classification Pinball

Animal Groups

Object Type: Interactive

Classification Pinball

Media: Animal Groups

Everyone will want to step up to the pinball machine and display their knowledge. Players or class teams will have 12 balls. Each ball give a description of an animal. Can you send them to the right class? Students have all the time they need to think and discuss. A lively interface makes even being incorrect fun!

This is a review activity. Students will be matching classification descriptions and animals to animal groups (Insects, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Birds, Mammals). Students will have learned animal group classifications from video (see video objectives on Lesson tab) and will then choose appropriate classification group for the given term or animal. As the pinball moves into place, an animal characteristic or name is displayed. Students then click on the appropriate door for the correct animal group. Then students click on the flipper button (red with an arrow on it) and the pinball shoots toward the chosen door. If their answer is correct, the ball goes through the door. When each door opens a representative picture of that animal group is shown. If their answer is incorrect, the ball bounces off the door.

This activity can be used for a whole class, in pairs/small groups or individually.

  • Whole class: Have one student read the description. Have one student choose which animal group the characteristic describes. Have another student click on the flipper button to see if the answer is correct. Taking turns can be a fun way to manage this game. However, it could also be played in teams and points tallied for each correct answer.
  • Students in Pairs/Small Groups could research the characteristics of an animal groups and give hints to challenge their classmates to guess the animal group.

    Language Arts: Using expository writing, students can write a factual paragraph using the characteristics provided about one of the groups of animals. They should be given a minimum amount of characteristics that need to be included in the writing assignment and encourage them to use extra adjectives for describing the characteristics.